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We make it EASIER for your clients to apply for term life insurance

Are you struggling with the endless paperwork involved with a standard life insurance policy? Is it difficult for you to ask current clients – or even prospects – for their personal, medical and financial information?

By leveraging your Term Life Champions resources, the application process becomes quicker and easier with most term life insurance products as we are contracted with most of the top-rated insurance carriers in the industry. We also have a mobile quoting tool so you can give clients a real-time term life insurance quote at their location, over the phone or via email.

TLC also has developed an efficient process for you and your clients.

  • It is the fastest, most-accurate and most-efficient method available. Your business will get the priority attention it deserves and many agents experience a higher placement rate... an average of 7% higher!
  • Offer your client the ability to make out a single-page life insurance needs analysis. It is FREE and allows the client to determine how much life insurance the client needs. (optional but recommended)
  • Ask the client for a monthly premium commitment; an amount that is comfortable, realistic and affordable.
  • Complete a VERY short online form with only a few questions and send to the insurance carrier.
  • The insurance carrier's representative will call your client and complete all the paperwork and arrange any paramedical exams required. The policies generally issue in two weeks or less and are sent to you for delivery.
  • You receive full commission for the case.

So, if you are primarily a P&C, A&H or Annuity agent, or even a Life agent tired of all the paperwork, the TLC process means it is no longer necessary for you to complete all that paperwork.

Concerned that you didn’t complete the correct form, or that you missed a form or a question? Do you need to drive 20 miles to see your customer just to get a signature? All those concerns go away... and you still get your full commissions.

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