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Does Your Agency Need Some TLC? Term Life Champions, that is. Whether you sell annuities or even property & casualty insurance, Term Life Champions has the online resources needed to sell term life insurance to your clients - because if you are not selling life insurance to them, then who is?


Whether simplified issue or full underwriting, Term Life Champions makes the process easier for your clients to apply for life insurance!

Why Sell Term Life Insurance?

Term Life policies have many potential benefits to your client, but the question becomes what does your client want term life insurance for - death benefit, cash accumulation or both? A term life insurance policy might provide an answer to that question.

Tired of Trying to Win the Pricing War?

Term Life Champions has an online quoting tool and other sales resources to complement your current sales strategy and insurance products. With access to multiple term life insurance carriers, you can develop a case illustration with an insurance product that may fit their best interests in real-time. Do you need training, top-rated carrier products, or promotional materials? Term Life Champions becomes your web-based resource to fulfill those needs.

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Do You Feel Like You Have All of Your Eggs in One Basket?

Sometimes, salespeople tend to stick to only products they feel comfortable in selling to their clients. However, you could lose out on potential business by sticking to just one product like Accident & Health insurance (A&H), Property & Casualty insurance (P&C), annuities or even Medicare Supplement insurance. You can't make an omelet without breaking an egg, right? Give term life insurance a try. If you don't feel comfortable selling term life insurance, we also can provide an Instant Agent program with contracted professionals to assist with quoting cases for your clients.

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Term Life Champions (TLC) is a website dedicated to providing independent agents with resources to sell term life insurance. This website contains access to term life insurance carriers, online training, consumer sales tools, and materials to support your sales strategy. For Agent Use Only – Not approved for use with the general public. Information deemed accurate, but not guaranteed. ­Copyright 2019