Instant Agent Program

Connect Your Client with Our Professionals – and Still Earn Commission!

Love the idea of offering life insurance to your clients, but you are already busy enough with your P&C business that you have zero, nil, nada, zip or, at a minimum, very little time to discuss life insurance with your valuable clients?

Good news! The Instant Agent Program was designed specifically for P&C agencies like yours. Imagine having a dedicated life licensed agent at your beck and call that can discuss with your client their life insurance needs, complete applications, arrange Paramedical exams and do ALL the case management. That’s a great deal of the work, that you don’t have to do and your agency will get 60% of the GA commissions!

This is NOT a referral program. The Instant Agent Program works FOR you and WITH your clients to give them competitively-priced life insurance coverage in an amount based on their needs and budget. Instant Agent keeps you fully informed during the process.

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Simply talk to your clients about the need to get a “life insurance checkup” at the same time you do their auto/home renewal.
  2. Tell clients that a member of your life Insurance team will be calling them to do the review.
  3. Ask the client the best time for your “team” to call.
  4. Fill out the simple Instant Agent Request Form and leave the rest to us.
  5. We will talk to the client, keep you informed of progress, get you contracted with the carriers as required and have the issued policies sent to YOU for your review and delivery to YOUR Client.
  6. Your commissions will be paid to you directly from the life insurance company.

If you are interested, please click the button below and, once logged on to the site, complete the Instant Agent Request Form.

Disclaimer: The Instant Agent program is only available for P&C Insurance agencies in designated areas of the United States. Not all P&C agencies or agents will qualify to use this service. Term Life Champions does have additional programs designed to support independent Life Insurance agents wanting to sell term life insurance products directly to their clients. If you have any further questions, please contact the Champions Advantage staff at

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